bannerUp presentation systems

Perfect for events, fairs, business premises...

bannerUp presentation systems - We offer color printing services on all products, and if you wish, we will make a design ourselves from your supplied materials.

Pier Luigi notebooks & diaries

Unmatched personalization options

Pier Luigi notebooks & diaries - With superior design and unmatched personalization options, you can craft unique products.

yourChoice advertising materials

The ultimate level of personalization

The ultimate level of personalization - The ultimate level of personalization

Moleskine diaries and notebooks

Cult Italian brand from Milano

Moleskine's legendary diaries and notebooks.

Lighters wit print

Color sticker - 360 degrees

Promotional electronic lighter with a colored sticker around the entire body of the lighter - 360 degrees.

Promotional pens with logo printing.

Cheap, luxurious, classic. The choice is unlimited!

Promotional pens and pencils with logo prints and promo messages.

T-Shirts with print

Logo printing has never been cheaper!

Create your own promotional t-shirts at the lowest price on the market! - Majice za maturante i osmaše.

Promotional items, promotional products and business gifts with which you are always genuine in giving away!

Calendars, agendas and notebooks

Look at our 150-page catalog and choose your favorites. 90+ types of agendas and notebooks, 80 different designs and motifs.

yourChoice top level of personalization

We take personalization to the next level by creating unique products with yourChoice collection of promotional products.

TOM & UNILITE lighters

Advertising lighters of the famous German brand TOM & UNILITE with the printing of your logo or promo message. New models!

Advertising pens & pencils

Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, technical and custom pencils, Affordable and common promotion. Choose your favorites.

Diaries, planners & notebooks

Promotional personalized diaries, agendas, planners & notebooks of different formats with different printing techniques.

Umbrellas with print

Great business gift because of the large surface area for logo printing, promo message or your brand. Get ready for the rain.

Advertising matches

Promotional matches are a practical and cost-effective way to promote your product creatively, perfect for outdoor events.

Moleskine - The cult diaries

Moleskine notebooks, planners, timepieces, drawing blocks, albums and diaries. Created for creative tasks.

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