Katalozi reklamnih proizvoda i poslovnih poklona

Check out our current promotional items and find inspiring products to promote your brand or company! In them you will find quality, trendy and professionally designed pens, lighters, USB memory sticks, notebooks and diaries, charms, chargers for mobile devices, t-shirts, caps, bags, business gifts, wellness items, toys for children and various other interesting advertising materials ( which you may not have even known existed), ready for personalization. We provide a printing service with your brand or logo on all articles. For all inquiries, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to meet you!

Calendars, agendas, planners and notebooks for 2024 catalog

Calendars, agendas, planners and notebooks for 2024

Don't waste your time! Get your calendars and calendars in time for Christmas and New Year and avoid the stress of delivery deadlines. Look at our 150-page catalog and choose your favorites. More than 90 types of agendas and notebooks, 80 different designs and calendar motifs. Our offer is exactly what you are looking for! Catalog contents: one-part, three-part and four-part wall calendars, business calendars with a planner, spiral and glued, table small calendars with a greeting card, table movable calendars, table folders with a flap, planners, agendas and notebooks. Calendars with motifs: cars, nature, sea, animals, Croatian landscapes and various others. Describe to us what kind of calendar you want and send a request for an offer. Made in Croatia. Describe to us what kind of calendar you want and send a request for an offer.

Download Calendars, agendas, planners and notebooks for 2024 catalog [pdf 36,7 MB].

Easy Gifts 2024. online catalog | Cool promotivni proizvodi

Easy Gifts catalog 2024

Fruit Of Loom, B&C collection, Aladdin, Kariban, Just Hoods, PortWest, Superior Spa, Stedman, Russell, Gildan, WK designed to work, Valento, Result and Victorinox are some of the renowned brands whose quality products you can find in this catalog. Over 360 pages of products in various categories. Find items suitable for your services and products, personalize them with your logo or promotional message and delight your clients or employees with a nice promotional gift. Our products are tested and certified according to European standards, and the print quality is at the highest level.

Visit the Damianus Easy Gifts 2024 online katalog.

Download Damianus Easy Gifts 2024 catalog [pdf 145,0 MB].

yourChoice catalog | Next level personalization

yourChoice collection - next level personalization

We take personalization to the next level by creating unique products with yourChoice collection of promotional products. Each item offers different personalization options or complete personalization with your design. Various product packaging options as well as packaging printing are also offered. The items are carefully selected, made from sustainable materials. This means choosing high-quality materials that are recycled or suitable for recycling, materials obtained from renewable and ethical sources. Choose the product that suits you and brand it with your unique design.
Categories: Towels, Sunglasses, Beach items, Hand fans, Picnic blankets, Car accessories, Plants & seed paper, Wristbands, Lanyards, Bottles, Aprons, Caps, Multiscarfs, Beanies, Winter blankets, Socks, Bags, Keytags, Phone accessories, Powerbanks, USBs, Notebooks, (Sticky) Notes, Mints & Sweets, Lapel pins, Tokens, Keyrings, Reflectives, Saddle covers, Ponchos, Umbrellas.

Download yourChoice catalog [pdf 46,5 MB].

Colorissimo colorfull catalog | Premium poslovni pokloni

Colorissimo© - top quality and innovative design!

Browse the catalogs of Colorissimo promotional items and choose your favorites. Office and work, sports, outdoor activities, travel, drinkware, electronics, metal tools, wall clocks, luggage, umbrellas, softshell jackets, leather goods - useful and practical collections in 11 basic, carefully selected colors. Premium business gifts. All products are made of premium components: YKK zippers, nylon, LG batteries, 18/8 stainless steel, gold plating, anodized aluminum, tungsten, Saffiano leather and more. All products are tested according to European standards and have a REACH certificate. AQL standard for quality control. All items are delivered in attractive gift boxes.

Visit the Colorissimo colorfull katalog.

Download Colorissimo colorfull catalog [pdf 27,5 MB].

Download Colorissimo premium business catalog [pdf 8,4 MB].

Colorissimo colorfull catalog | Premium poslovni pokloni

INVAME fragrance diffusers with sticks

Do you want to make your space even more comfortable and elegant? INVAME incense sticks are the perfect choice - your space will smell like a luxury spa! We also offer the possibility of personalizing the bottle and wooden lid with your company or brand logo in any color. These incense sticks are also a great gift option for clients and partners, further impressing them with your attention to detail. INVAME incense sticks are easy to use. Simply add essential oils to the bottle, insert the sticks and let the magic happen. The sticks will absorb the essential oils and release them into the air, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Choose between three bottle shapes: Premium Square 160ml, Slim 130ml and Square 90ml, and combine with an ash wood or shiny aluminum cap. The fragrances offered are NEROLI BLOSSOM, FLORAL EDEN, GRAPEFRUIT PARADISE, MARE CAPRI, ROYAL MAN, SUNSET BALI. All fragrances are made from natural essential oils that will fill your space with a soothing and relaxing aroma. Take a look at the catalog for more details.

Download INVAME ORIGINAL PERFUME catalog [pdf 2 MB].

ICO PEN catalog | ICO PEN office accessories catalogue

ICO PEN office accessories catalogue

Check out our ICO PEN catalogue of personalized pens with printing and premium office supplies. Discover a wide range of colours, styles and materials in our rich range of printed pens. Whether you need pens for your business, promotion or simply want to impress your clients, our personalization allows you to add your logo, name or message to the pens of your choice. Our products are designed with an emphasis on functionality and aesthetics. Pencils, felt-tip pens, standard and fluorescent markers, staplers, pencil cases, adhesive tape dispensers, and other office supplies - everything for the office. We especially emphasize the possibility of circular 360° printing of the pen and markers body for most models. For models marked with mix & match, you can choose any of the offered colours for each part of the pen and other compatible parts and thus design your unique pen. Writing cartridges are available in blue, black and red ink colours. All items are personalized with your logo or design in colour, screen printing, pad printing and circular 360° printing techniques. Promotional products from this collection are manufactured in the EU. Affordable prices, ask for a quote.

Visit the ICO PEN catalog [pdf 20,3 MB].

Voyager 2023. online catalog | Business gifts with logo

Voyager catalog 2023

In this catalogue, you will find more than 460 pages with promotional items and product information. There is a thousand and one idea for your marketing activities and promotional campaigns. Browse through the catalogue and let the ideas inspire you! Our ideas vary from the standard to the most exclusive corporate gifts. Choose between our brand new t trends as well as our standard, successful products. Perfect gifts for any occasion. For all selected items you can print your personal logo and text. Discover the beauty and quality of our sublimation printing in colour. Business gifts and promotional items with your personal print are the perfect way to express and explore your messages. Our products are tested and certified according to the European standards. The quality of our products and graphics are guaranteed. Browse through our interesting and engaging solutions from the catalogue "VOYAGER 2023" and be inspired!

Visit the Damianus Voyager 2023 online katalog.

Download Damianus Voyager 2023 catalog [pdf 88,5 MB].

Hiidea 2023. online catalog | Cool promotivni proizvodi

Hiidea catalog 2023

Take a peek into the Hi!Dea 2023 catalog with 500 pagse in 15 categories with trendy and original advertising ready-to-print your brand. Categories: BRANVE®, Ekston, Original Lanyards, ECOlogic, TH Clothes®, Connect’in, Leisure & Travel, Safety, Ekston, Drinkware, Kids, Office, Home, Summer, Shopping, Keychains, Textile & Rain, Technology, Write, Personal, Bags. The items in this catalogue have been designed in accordance with the applicable European standards and rules and are subject to testing by independent, specialised international bodies. Find your favorites and send us a request for a non-binding offer.

Visit the Damianus Hiidea 2023 online katalog.

Download Damianus Hiidea 2023 catalog [pdf 168,0 MB].

COOL 2023. online catalog | COOL promotional products

COOL catalog 2023

In our "COOL 2023" catalogue with more than 550 pages, there are over three thousand promotional items, divided into twelve categories. The catalogue is an inexhaustible source of ideas for promotional gifts, that will surely delight your business partners, as well as everyone else. Browse through the catalogue and be impressed with all the available options. Ideas vary from the everyday promotional products to corporate gifts with premium quality. The catalogue ranges from our standard successful products that are intended for any occasion, to the latest trends in promotional products. For all catalogue items we offer print with your conceptual design. Business gifts and promotional items with the press are a perfect way to express your message. Our products are tested and certified according to the European standards and the quality of products and printing solutions is on the top level. Let the interesting and engaging ideas from our catalogue "COOL 2023" inspire you!!!

Visit the Damianus COOL 2023 online katalog.

Download Damianus COOL 2023 catalog [pdf 40,3 MB].

MORE THAN GIFTS 2023. catalog | Corporate and Business Gifts

MORE THAN GIFTS catalog 2023

A collection created with passion and continuous innovation to inspire you with the optimum product and print solutions for your marketing campaigns and promotions. Wellness & Care, Premiums & Tools, Apparel & Accessories, Textile Collection, Eating & Drinking, Bags & Travel, Umbrellas & Rain Garment, Technology & Accessories, Writing & Accessories, Office & Desk Accessories, Sports & Recreation, Kids & Games. Get to know the personalization techniques of promotional products such as sublimation, doming, digital label, digital printing, digital inlay, button, digital transfer, round screen, embossing, screen printing, embroidery, pad printing, ceramic transfer, screen transfer, laser engraving.

Visit the Damianus MORE THAN GIFTS 2023 online katalog.

Download Damianus MORE THAN GIFTS 2023 catalog [pdf 101 MB].

MOLESKINE catalog | Corporate and Business Gifts

MOLESKINE Custom Edition Spring - Summer 2022 catalog

Moleskine was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. Today, the brand Moleskine encompasses a family of nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, dedicated to our mobile identity. Indispensable companions to the creative professions and the imagination of our times: they are intimately tied to the digital world.

Download MOLESKINE Custom Edition Spring - Summer 2022 catalog [pdf 89,6 MB].

DAMIANUS Autosjenila catalog | Corporate and Business Gifts

DAMIANUS Car shades catalog

Practical car shades for your pets on wheels. Excellent promotion of your company or brand! The latest technology of printing on different types of materials allows you unlimited possibilities to share your messages. Shades are offered in various sizes and for different types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, buses… We offer patented winter aluminum blinds and folding cardboard blinds. Take advantage of all the possibilities of this original and practical solution and fell free to contact us with full confidence.

Download DAMIANUS Autosjenila catalog [pdf 9,5 MB].

UNILITE Advertising catalog | Unilite promotivni proizvodi

UNILITE Advertising catalog

Logo printing lighters are one of the most used promotional materials. The reason for this is their low cost and everyday usability. Personalization is possible in several techniques, screen printing, pad printing, digital printing and on metal models and laser engraving. Take a look at our catalog of quality German UNILITE lighters and choose your personalization favorites. The lighters comply with all EU safety and quality standards, has TÜV safety and ISO 9001 certification, and a Child-resistant DIN EN 13869 certificate (a child up to 6 years cannot activate ignition).

Download UNILITE Advertising catalog [pdf 17,4 MB].

TOM Advertising catalog | Promotivni upaljači

TOM Advertising catalog

TOM lighters for personalization. From cheap disposable models to luxury models made of metal ideal for business gifts. They are great for printing your brand, logo or promotional message. The lighters meet all EU safety and quality standards, has TÜV safety and ISO 9001 certification and Child-resistant DIN EN 13869 certification (child up to 6 years cannot activate ignition).

Download TOM Advertising catalog [pdf 23,1 MB].

UNILITE Retail catalog | Sales and wholesale of lighters

UNILITE Retail catalog

UNILITE retail lighters for resale. Large selection of classic flint lighters and electronic lighters for everyday use, lighters for gas stoves and fire extinguishers, Jet-Flame lighters, Soft Touch lighters, luxury lighters, gas and liquid refill lighters - all in one place. Offer them at your points of sale. The lighters comply with all EU safety and quality standards, has TÜV safety and ISO 9001 certification, and a Child-resistant DIN EN 13869 certificate (a child up to 6 years cannot activate ignition).

Download UNILITE Retail catalog [pdf 47,8 MB].

TOM Retail catalog | Tom upaljači

TOM Retail catalog

Modern and various lighters of the well-known brand TOM intended for further sale. A large number of models and types of lighters with accessories. Take a look at the catalog, choose the models you like and look for a non-binding offer. TÜV safety tested incl. GS-mark on high selling items. ISO 9001 certified production facilities. Child-resistant in compliance with EN 13869. ISO 9994 certified products. Ergonomic design and high user friendliness.

Download TOM Retail catalog [pdf 21,5 MB].

Damianus company is a distributor and exclusive representative in Croatia for the top German Unilite and Tom Lighters, and distributor for Moleskine products. Sales and wholesale of lighters and Moleskine products

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