SPIRAL business agenda with logo print

Spiral calendars are always in demand because of their practicality. Unlike standard, glued and bound diaries, spiral diaries can be completely folded without protruding in the middle, which allows for easier and more beautiful writing from the very edge. Also, in the folded position, they do not take up much space on the work table. This promotional diary is delivered in 9 different cover colors on which your logo can be printed in one or two colors using screen printing, folio printing, thermal printing or UV printing techniques. The dimensions are 165 × 235 mm and it contains 192 pages of 80 g/m2 white, quality paper. The first part of the schedule contains a section for entering basic data, calendars for 4 years, annual planner by month, time zones, mutual distances between the capitals of European countries, and metric measures. The second section contains pages with horizontal lines for your notes.
The minimum order is 30 pieces and personalization according to your wishes.