RENAME PLATE - name plate for the table

Welcome to the world of personalized elegance - we present our nameplate for the desk or reception desk with a rewriteable and erasable surface, combined with logo printing. Its rewritable surface allows you to easily write names, greetings or messages for a variety of purposes, whether it's to identify guests, mark reserved tables in a restaurant or cafe, or give your team a personalized touch. It is made of quality materials that are durable and resistant to scratches, which ensures long-term use without losing its original shine. The tile is easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to always maintain a neat and professional appearance. Add your stamp to any space and impress your guests and clients!
The board is made of plexiglass with writable glossy white vinyl on top, and the writing surface is 210 x 60 mm. Your logo or sign is printed in full color. The minimum order is 10 pieces. Contact us for prices.