WINEBOX cylindrical wine box with print

Are you looking for the perfect way to present your wine in a unique and elegant way? With the possibility of printing around the entire surface using our Max Print technique, your wine box will become a work of art that will attract everyone's attention. Whether you are a winery looking to attract new customers or you are organizing a special event, our wine boxes will delight your guests. The cylindrical shape provides additional protection for your precious wine, while providing an aesthetically striking appearance. Whether you opt for elegant minimalism, rich textures or an explosion of colors, our printing technique will turn your vision into reality.
The box is made of strong and high-quality cardboard, and the lid and bottom are made of sheet metal. The thickness of the pipe wall is 3 mm, the height is 320 mm, and the diameter is 90 mm for bottles up to 720 ml. The weight of the empty box is 120 grams. The dimensions of the surface for printing your design are 280.8×315.7 mm. After use, the box can be recycled, which reduces the impact on the environment.
Minimum order 25 pieces. Contact us for production prices and delivery times.