Vonmählen Infinity Lite phone strap

The Infinity Phone Strap is a universal strap that can be used for all popular mobile phone models up to 6.5 inches with or without a cover. The durable and extremely stretchy silicone easily adapts to your device, and the phone strap can be attached and removed in seconds. It can be used with any mobile phone that has a rear camera on the left side or in the middle (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc.). The cord is made of durable nylon and extremely elastic silicone, it is 150 cm long and can be easily extended or shortened using a sliding mechanism.
It is personalized with color UV printing on a Ø 25 mm surface and additionally protected with an acrylic coating (3D doming). It comes in white, black, blue and red. The minimum order is 25 pieces.
Imprint your brand on this useful promotional item and give it as a business gift.