USB Pen Stockholm

The USB Pen Stockholm is characterized by the use of the latest technology (Micro UDP chip) and high-quality materials, packed in a stylish design. The metal housing with rubber finish ensures that the pen has a firm and stable grip. The matt chromed metal tip and clip highlight the luxurious look of the USB Pen Stockholm. With a storage capacity of 2 GB to 64 GB the USB Pen Stockholm absolutely is the ultimate combination of a conventional ballpoint pen and a USB stick.

Housing: matt chromed metal with rubber finish
Colors: black, blue and white
Size: 138×14 mm
Capacities: 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB
Writing colors: black and blue
Tip diameter: 1 mm
Writing length: 1 km
Weight: 30 gr
Printable area: full color print: 66.5×5 mm, engraving: 36×5 mm + 66.5×5 mm

Minimal order: 25

Product colors: black, blue and white

Product extras: Gift box frame, Polybag, Velvet Pen Pouch, Gift Box Tube, Pen Box

Personalization options: full color print on 3 positions and/or DeoChrome on 4 positions