TOM JB-1 Metallic Matt Jet elegant lighter

Elegant, sturdy and ergonomically shaped advertising lighter that James Bond would have liked! With Turbo Jet flame technology guarantees stable and accurate flame with the strongest wind or rain. The flame regulator allows the ignition to vary with a different intensity, rechargeable with butane gas.
Lighter meets all EU safety and quality standards, has TÜV safety and ISO 9001 certification and Child-resistant DIN EN 13869 certification (child up to 6 years can not activate ignition).

Material: metallized plastic
Dimensions: 66 × 40 × 17 mm
Printing space: 20 × 35 mm
Tank type: refillable
Flame type: turbo jet flame

Minimal order: 100

Product colors: metallic black, metallic white

Personalization options: color UV print, pad print, silkscreen

Price: 1,55 € (11,68 kn) + 25% TAX