Advertising Event-Flag systems

Promotional flags are a practical and elegant product for advertising in offices, shops, at indoor events, exhibitions, on beaches and Open-Air events. Also, they are an indispensable information medium at indoor and outdoor events, fairs, promotions, shopping malls and similar events. Due to its attractive appearance and large advertising space, it magnetically attracts the eyes of passers-by.
Outdoor advertising flags are resistant to moderately strong winds and various weather conditions, thanks to a solid aluminium construction and a stable stand. The material of the flag is made of light and strong knitted polyester ”Super Poly Knit” with a thickness of 110 g/m². They are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble and transfer to other locations. Super Poly Knit is a B1 category of fire resistance, which makes it safe to use in case of fire.
Printing on 1 side, mirror effect on the other side. Pole included. Delivered in a cylindrical cardboard.
Candle Small Shape – 580 × 2080 mm
Candle Medium Shape – 681 × 2680 mm
Candle Large Shape – 860 × 3480 mm
Knife Small Shape – 630 × 1740 mm
Knife Medium Shape – 681 × 2680 mm
Knife Large Shape – 870 × 3480 mm
Drop Small Shape – 790 × 1740 mm
Drop Medium Shape – 1040 × 2350 mm
Drop Large Shape – 1290 × 2980 mm