Floating EVA keychain

Custom design floating EVA keychain. EVA stands for "Ethylene Vinyl Acetate", an elastomeric polymer with a foam structure, durable and elastic. Since this material is very light and therefore floats on the surface of the water, it is an excellent choice for making key chains that you have to take with you during recreation at sea or sports activities on the water.
Choose from twenty offered colors according to the color of your brand. The pendant is made in simple shapes according to your wishes or design. The maximum dimensions of the pendant are 50×50 mm, it is made in 3 layers and is available in 3 thicknesses (9, 14 and 18 mm). A pendant with a thickness of 9-10 mm and a size of 50×50 mm is capable of maintaining one small key on the surface of the water. If you need a pendant that can hold two or three keys, choose a larger thickness.
Each pendant is delivered in a polyethylene bag and optionally with a double-sided paper card that is printed in full color (up to 120×66 mm on 300 gram cardboard). It is personalized with your design or logo, using a one-color screen printing technique. Minimum order 250 pieces.