Multifunctional QUADRO three-color pen and pencil in one case

If there is a perfectly functional and innovative pen, then this is a QUADRO pen! A pen and mechanical pencil in a single case that you will not separate once you start using it. This is an ideal multipurpose pen for anyone who likes to sketch, subtract and mark different colors they want to wear several different pens simultaneously.The multifunctional QUADRO penl will unquestionably attract everyone's attention to its functionality and as such it is truly an ideal product for the promotion of your brand or product.
It has three cartridges with blue, red and black paint as well as a mechanica graphite pencil of 0.7 mm thick and top of the eraser to erase the paper graffiti in one body. Made of metal and virtually unmistakable, it comes in a matte black color with a rugged rubberised holding pouch that improves the operation, prevents slipping of the pen in your hand and provides a very accurate print.
It is possible to print your logo, brand, promotional message, or advertising sticker in one color and up to full color in three different positions. Protected Design®.

Main material: metal
Weight: 24 g
Size: 148 × 12.5 mm
Printable space: 60 × 5 mm
Personalization option: full color print on 3 sides
Writing color: black, blue, red, pencil

Minimal order: 50

Product colors: black

Personalization options: full color