Promotional magnetic sticker for vehicles

Promotional magnetic sticker for placing on cars, vans, trucks as well as other ferromagnetic metal surfaces. Only 0.75mm thick, made from durable vinyl, the super strong and flexible film can be cut into any shape. It sticks firmly and imperceptibly to every steel surface on the vehicle. It is printed in full color on an area of up to 5000 cm2 (e.g., 70×70 cm, 50×100 cm) in the shape of your choice. The printed graphics are covered with a colorless lamination that provides additional UV protection and water resistance. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces.
For vehicles, a rectilinear shape of the magnet is recommended, and before placing it on the car, it is necessary to clean the surface on which the magnet is placed. Magnetic signs for a car or vehicle are much more noticeable than standard signs or stickers. Car magnets are usually placed on the side or back of the vehicle. They last for several years and are easily removed. When cleaning the vehicle, remove the magnet to protect it from damage.

Minimal order: 1