Ceramic cup FANGIO 250 ml

Promotional ceramic mug with bamboo coaster. The attached coaster is also a cover that protects your drink from dust and impurities from the air. The dimensions of the cup are ø84 × 68 mm, volume up to 250 ml and weight 30 grams. It can be ordered in white and black. Delivered in a brown kraft paper gift box. It has a Food Safety certificate.
The mug is personalized on a surface of 150 × 35 mm using a one-color screen-printing technique. Another option is ”firing” in 10 solid colors on an area of 210 × 30 mm. Firing is a printing technique in which special colors are applied at high temperatures to transfer the logo onto the product. It is ideal for glass, ceramic or porcelain. It is also possible to engrave your logo on a surface with a diameter of up to ø55 mm.
Label it with your brand and give it as a quality and useful promotional gift.