DENVER DAB-48 digital radio receiver

Digital age - digital radio, enjoy stereo sound without noise and interference! The Denver DAB-48 is equipped with a digital FM RDS/DAB + receiver and a telescopic antenna. Compact and retro vintage style, perfect device for fun or hanging out with friends. Memorizes up to 40 radio stations, integrated audio equalizer, choice of music type: pop, jazz, rock, blues, classical music and others. DOT matrix LCD display for displaying data with adjustable brightness and contrast, 3.5 mm audio output, 2.5W RMS, automatic time synchronization, timer for turning off or waking up. Play your choice of songs from your cell phone or other bluetooth source. Dual alarm function with independent volume levels. Remote control with all radio functions. Dimensions 165 × 128 × 108 mm, weight 1.1 kg.
Personalize the Denver DAB-48 with your branding with full colour printing. Possible personalization of the gift box. Minimum order 10 pieces.

User manual [pdf 15,8 MB]