Advertising Matchbooks BOOK RECTANGULAR

Retro and modern, practical and lightweight, with a large surface for customizing folding matches are always a promising promotional item for advertising campaigns.
The BOOK RECTANGULAR promotional matches are 49 × 50 × 6 mm, with heads available in 14 different colors.
For the box you can choose between different types of cardboars, smooth, rugged, matte or shiny in different colors. There are various printing techniques that you can create original personalized gift.
The box and matches are made of eco-friendly, organic materials that are easily recycled and do not adversely affect the environment.

Dimensions: 49 × 50 × 6 mm
Box material: cardboard
Number of matchsticks: 15 pieces
Match head color: 14 colors

Minimal order: 1000

Product colors: all colors available

Personalization options: offset color printing 4/4, mat or shiny plastic laminating, blindruck, 3d image, goldprint, special paper from the offer