BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker 450 ml

Enjoy your favorite coffee anywhere and anytime, thanks to the Bodum Travel French Press. This portable coffee kit combines the benefits of the French brewing system with a travel bottle in one practical device. You can even use it to make loose leaf tea! So it's perfect for the morning train ride or to throw in your backpack when you go camping. It is made of BPA-free plastic with double, vacuum-insulated walls to retain heat. The container is covered with a non-slip silicone strip for a secure hold and the bottom is rubberized. The capacity is 450 ml, dimensions 89 × 207 × 83 mm and weight 294 g. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Made in the EU.
The container is personalized using screen printing up to 140 × 40 mm in one color or pad printing up to 20 × 10 mm in one color. It is also possible to print your logo in full color up to 70 x 15 mm on the wrapping tape.
Instructions for use:
1. Place the Bodum Travel French Press on a stable, non-slip surface and remove the plunger lid.
2. Add coarse ground coffee into the press – we recommend 1 tbsp for each 0.1l of water.
3. Boil hot water, wait 30 seconds, then pour into the travel press to approx. 1in/30cm from the top. Stir and close the spout.
4. Let the coffee brew for four minutes. Hold the travel press firmly and carefully depress the plunger.
5. Add milk and sugar to your personal taste, and your coffee is ready to enjoy.