Bicycle saddle bag PLYMOUTH

Quality and practical Plymouth saddle bag for the back seat of a bicycle. With a large capacity and smart design, this bag will allow you to carry everything you need on your cycling trip. The perfect solution for all cyclists!
The large main compartment provides enough space for your equipment, clothes, food or other necessities. Thanks to the strong attachment, the bag remains securely attached to the back seat, even when driving on rough terrain. Made of durable polyester with an impermeable lining, it protects your belongings from rain, mud and other adverse weather conditions. The bag is compatible with most standard bikes and rear seats. Height: 43 cm, length: 40 cm, width: 43 cm. Total volume: about 32 liters. Weight of the empty bag: 1.5 kg.
It can be personalized by thermal transfer printing on an area up to 150×60 mm on the outside of the compartment.
Highlight your brand wherever you drive!