Badge Company Pass 70 × 100 mm

An accreditation card (card, pass) is an indispensable item at conferences, invitational gatherings, trainings, in the warehouse and many other places where you need to identify yourself. The pass can be individual (with photo and/or name) or with any general information. We are able to print a (unique) QR code, barcode, photo, serial number, first and last name, position or even a map on the card. Everything on this card can be custom printed over the entire surface on both sides. Individual personalization of each card is possible.
Along with the accreditation card, choose one of the useful accessories - a lanyard for carrying the card around the neck or a ring that can be attached to a bag, pocket or belt. The reel can also be personalized with your sign or logo in full color and covered with acrylic resin (doming), which achieves a 3D effect and enhances the brilliance of the print colors. We also offer the service of designing an accreditation card according to your wishes.
Please note that this card is not a magnetic or chip pass! Made in the EU from recycled plastic. Minimum order 10 pieces.