Agenda ATENA A4

Agenda ATENA A4. Print: in 2 colors on cream 80 g/m² paper. Content: the part to enter personal data, calendar for 4 years, world’s holidays, distances of European cities, flight duration between world’s cities, international dialing codes, zip codes of Croatian cities, paper formats, time zones, planner for 2022, weekly planner for 2022 and notes. There is also a Map of the World, continents and Croatia, printed in color on 115 g/m² paper.

Dimension: 19.5 × 26 cm
Number of pages: 232
Paper: 80 g/m²
Cover: flexible coagulative material

Minimal order: 20

Product colors: maroon, red, blue, gray

Personalization options: hot & foil stamping, screen printing and digital printing