Matchbox 9596 - Advertising matches
Matchbox 9596

Advertising matches

Matchbox 9615 - Advertising matches
Matchbox 9615

Advertising matches

Matchbox 9728 - Advertising matches
Matchbox 9728

Advertising matches

Can not find product on website? Take a look at our catalogs with thousands of business gifts and promotional material, choose your favorites and send us an inquiry.

If you can't find the product you are looking for, please describe it to us and we will search for it.

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Today, we find the matches more or less unnecessary, but precisely the matter possesses a special appeal and carry with them the taste of past retro times. Since 1844, when invented, they were always used for branding the products and their products.
Promotional (promotional) matches are a convenient and price-sensitive way for creative product promotion, perfect for outdoor events and BBQ masterpieces. Snails are also part of our everyday life and are used by a large number of people and as such are ideal for communicating promotional messages.
They are produced in different original shapes and packs and as such will certainly attract the attention of anyone who looks at them. They can be shared on promotional gatherings, fairs, regular day-to-day activities, and meeting sessions. People are happy to receive and show them to others, thereby contributing to the spread of the message they carry.

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